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  • we have received additional funding. If you will apply in this selection the last day of traineeship should be 31st May 2020. The main selection for academic year 2020/2021 will be in the January-February 2020;
  • the minimum stay of Erasmus+ traineeship – 2 months (not less than 60 days);
  • maximum 3 months of traineeship are financed.

What are eligibility criteria for Erasmus traineeships?

  • Compatibility between the traineeship programmes at the receiving institution and LSMU;
  • Academic records (average of grades at LSMU - minimum average of 7);
  • Good knowledge of foreign languages;
  • Student motivation and good communication skills.

Selection procedure:

1. Online application form till 30th of September

  • Apply online and please read the instructions for application carefully here:

2. Foreign language examination on 4th of October

  • International students do not need to sit an English language examination.
  • Students who will be instructed in French or German language should take examinations (except native speakers or holders of language certificate B2 level and higher).
  • Students who do not have final grade of professional language module should take an exam.

3. Erasmus+ interview on 8th of October

  • Motivation and communication skills of the candidates will be evaluated during interview with Erasmus commission.


Exact time and place of language examination and Erasmus interview will be announced later.


The final score is calculated according to the formula:

Final score = GPA* (60%) + motivation (30%) + communication skills (10%)

*Grade Point Average

Additional parts of a point are given for the following:

  1. participation in LSMU Erasmus mentoring activities for longer than two semesters – 0.5;
  2. if a student finds a place for Erasmus+ traineeship by himself/herself – 0.5 (this part of a point is given only in case if the student uploads the confirmation that he/she is accepted for an Erasmus traineeship until the deadline of application submission to the DreamApply system);
  3. participation in Erasmus+ traineeship mobility for the first time – 0.3;
  4. if a student intends to do an Erasmus+ traineeship in other country than his/her country of origin – 0.3 (if the student changes his/her mind and finally goes for a traineeship to a country of his/her origin, this part of a point is subtracted from his/her final score and the final score is recalculated).

Erasmus grant rates for traineeship mobility:



Erasmus grant, € per month


Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, United Kingdom, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Finland, Sweden



Austria, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Netherlands, Malta, Portugal, France, Germany



Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Turkey



Got interested? Contact


International Programme Coordinator

Division of Academic Mobility (room 124)

International Relations and Study Centre

A. Mickevičiaus g. 9, 44307 Kaunas

Phone: +370-37-395817