Animal Science Studies: For Those Whose Passion Is The Living World

More and more often, we hear stories when, after leaving well-paid jobs, high positions, people return to the homesteads of their parents and grandparents to create a quiet life surrounded by nature. Gradually animals come into their lives, or people decide to become animal breeders (farmers); it seems that anyone could raise animals. However, just love and desire to help are not always enough. Whether you are breeding snails, bees, alpacas, horses, or establishing a dog or cat kennel, or dreaming of breeding a service or therapeutic dog, you need specific knowledge of how to do it.

Presently, such knowledge and valuable skills can be acquired in two programs at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU): Animal Science studies teach about raising and breeding of farm animals, and the Animal and Human Interaction Program teaches how to take proper care of animal needs. Studies at the LSMU Faculty of Animal Sciences are universal; programs provide the latest subject, technological, business knowledge and strong practical training; graduates besides breeding animals can also become consultants in animal husbandry, care or nutrition, work in feed, meat or in the dairy industry. A supervised animal means healthy products.

Animal science is a comprehensive study for those who wish to breed production animals: for meat, milk, eggs, honey, wool and other needs.

Smart technologies have completely changed farming principles and the responsibilities of a livestock specialist on modern farms. On modernized cattle farms, a considerable amount of work, from feed production and distribution to milking, is carried out using innovative technologies. Therefore, nowadays livestock professionals need to be able to use these technologies. There is a great shortage of professionals in the field; they are in great demand on many farms. On the other hand, no matter how technologically advanced the farm activity may be, without love for animals, there is no success in this work. Only loved, properly nurtured and happy animals can ensure healthy, in-demand products. Therefore, more advanced farms in addition to animal welfare, also take care of animal emotional well-being: some install special devices for the entertainment of farm animals. “When you choose to study Animal Science, you choose life among animals. We are trained how to breed all sorts of animals from bees to rabbits, from alpacas to horses,” says Aistė Katolikaitė, a graduate of the LSMU study program.

Animal for entertainment, service, therapy. The second LSMU study program is directly related to taking care of animals – Animal and Human Interaction. This is a study program for those who see the animal as a friend, a family member. Animal and Human Interaction studies cover rearing and breeding of various pet animals, targeted training of dogs, formation of their behavior to assist humans (service dogs, guide dogs), training of sport horses, rearing and breeding of exotic animals, preparation of various company animals to provide good emotions to people exhausted from age-related or life-threatening illnesses.

Highly qualified socially responsible specialists of human and animal interaction are trained: professional horse or dog breeders, cynologists, equine specialists, specialists in the use of animals in society. Students can decide on their future career path from the second year of study, choosing a specialization in cynology, felinology, equestrian or exotic animals. During further master degree program, breeding, selection, nutrition and responsible care of therapeutic animals are studied. Canine therapists and hypotherapists may work closely with treating physicians, psychologists, or specialist educators to prepare animals according to appropriate methodologies. “The dog is able to accept everyone unconditionally, and that has a very strong positive effect. Positive relationship between man and animal is one of the reasons why animal-assisted therapy is so effective,” ensures Ineta Martinkevičiūtė, a graduate of the study program.

So, if you love animals, if you want to breed them, if you are attracted to working with human’s oldest best friends and helpers, dogs and horses, or maybe you just wish to be able to take good care of your pets – take a look at the study programs offered by the LSMU Faculty of Animal Sciences this year. There are no age limits for studies. After all, learning lasts a lifetime. More information:

Text: Delfi
Photo by Indre Mečionytė, LSMU Junior Scientist