A Fruitful First Day of Summer in Hamburg

The first day of summer was marked with the impressively high results of the entrance exams for LSMU in Hamburg. On June 1st the 9 candidates, who have been prepared by the „Finde Academic“, held a test of Chemistry and Biology. Later on a group of young people actively participated in a short quiz, which was organized by LSMU psychologist J. Razgulin. Applicants surprised representatives of LSMU with their great knowledge of Lithuania, Kaunas and the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Afterwards J. Razgulin (LSMU psychologist) together with the International Programme Coordinator E.Vizbaraite presented LSMU studies. Another key aspect highly important for foreign students was discussed - students‘ support programmes were presented, which help them to adjust better at LSMU, which guarantee smooth integration with support from other foreign students. Students’ opportunities for Erasmus + exchange programme have also been presented.

During motivational interviews, the candidates expressed great eagerness to study at LSMU and told about their practice in German hospitals. All future students were well prepared for the interviews, knew about the peculiarities of LSMU study programmes and shared positive feedback which they received from friends, who already study in LSMU.

After the knowledge check-up and motivation interviews, 8 young people received Studies Offers at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. The Medical study program was chosen by 7 prospective students and one young lady has chosen Odontology.

Representatives of LSMU believe that this successful first summer day will lead to even greater success in the studies of admitted new students.

Text & photos: J. Razgulin