How to correct inaccuracy of your personal data?

Logging into the information system (LSMUSIS) for the first time, you must check your personal and contact details.

If you notice that your data is incorrect submit request ‘Regarding specification of personal data’.

Submitting request in LSMUSIS

  • Log in
  • Go ‘Applications’; ‘Personal data’; ‘Submit a new request’;
  • Choose specific form of the request Regarding specification of personal data;
  • Fill in the request by specifying the inaccuracy and add the correct data photocopies of supporting documents (identity document);
  • Click  ‘Submit’.

Watch the condition of your request

  • ‘Preparing’ – the request is not submitted, students can edit their request. When the request is ready it is necessary to click ‘Submit’;
  • ‘Submitted’ – the process of approving the request has started and all the responsible departments are able to see it;
  • ‘Approved by the...’ - request is being carried out by the responsible department or person;
  • ‘Preparing order’ – the order is being formed from the approved request;
  • ‘Satisfied’ – the request has been satisfied.