How to get a permission to re-take graduation examination?

This request should be submitted if:

  • You failed a final graduation examination (if you do not pass final examination you are expelled from the students’ list; therefore, to get a permission to re-take exam you will also have to submit a request ‘Regarding renewal of studies by accepting the person to higher course’;
  • If you want to re-take the final examination to improve your grade, you will have to pay and the retake is possible only after one year.


Submitting request in LSMUSIS

  • Log in
  • Go ‘Applications’; ‘Master’s thesis’; ‘Submit a new request’;
  • Choose specific form of the request Regarding re-taking of graduation examination;
  • Fill in the request by specifying the details, if needed proving documentation can be attached by clicking the button ‘select the file’ (health certificate; death certificate; proof about any other situation);
  • Click ‘Submit’.

Watch the condition of your request

  • ‘Preparing’ – the request is not submitted, students can edit their request. When the request is ready it is necessary to click ‘Submit’;
  • ‘Submitted’ – the process of approving the request has started and all the responsible departments are able to see it;
  • ‘Approved by the...’ – request is being carried out by the responsible department or person;
  • ‘Preparing order’ – the order is being formed from the approved request.
  • ‘Satisfied’ – the request has been satisfied.

The new date assigned for the graduation examination you can find in the mediation part.