What to do if you failed interim credit test, examination or project?

If you have not passed the interim credit test, examination or project, you have a right to repeat this examination twice free of charge.

  • One week in the end of the current semester.
  • The last week of August (to complete the academic failures from the whole academic year).

If you do not complete the academic failures before the deadlines, you will not be registered for the studies in the higher year and you will have to repeat subject/module/course.

For the resit week in August you will need rector’s permission. In order to receive the permission, you have to submit a request in LSMUSIS called ‘Regarding completion of academic failures’.

Submitting a request in LSMUSIS

  • Log in
  • Go ‘Applications’; ‘Academic debt’; ‘Submit a new request’;
  • Choose specific form of the request Regarding completion of academic failures;
  • Fill in the request by specifying the exact subject you are retaking;
  • Click ‘Submit’.

Watch the condition of your request

  • ‘Preparing’ – the request is not submitted, and students can edit their request. When the request is ready it is necessary to click ‘Submit’;
  • ‘Submitted’ – the process of approving the request has started and all the responsible departments are able to see it;
  • ‘Approved by the...’ – request is being carried out by the responsible department or person;
  • ‘Preparing order’ – the order is being formed from the approved request;
  • ‘Satisfied’ – the request has been satisfied;
  • ‘Rejected’ or ‘Returned for repair’ – look for the explanation in the mediation part or the comment below your request.

After your request is ‘Satisfied’ before attending your retake in August, you have to go to the Study Centre (A. Mickeviciaus str. 7, room 109) and take a paper journal for the department to put your mark in.

If you are on academic leave and want to repeat an examination, you have to submit request Regarding re-examination during academic leave’.


Hence justifiable reasons by the decision of rectors’ meeting the terms for completion of failures might be extended until 30 June of the following academic year.