About Programme

The goal of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) Ambassador Programme is to involve international students into a voluntary activity aiming at promotion of the LSMU in foreign countries.

 LSMU Ambassador’s functions are as follows:

  • Consult those who are interested in studies at the LSMU and share his/her experience of studies at LSMU and life in Lithuania.
  • Together with the University representatives participate in the University “Open Days” organised by the LSMU International Relations and Study Center (TRSC). The participation is coordinated with the student's learning process, taking into account the classes and assessments timetables.
  • Participate in the LSMU Ambassadors’ meetings every two months. The meetings are organised and conducted by the LSMU TRSC employee who is responsible for the LSMU Ambassador Programme.  During the first meeting, the LSMU TRSC activities related with international students’ studies and the activities of the Ambassadors as well as their implementation order are to be presented to the newly selected Ambassadors. During the first meeting the Ambassadors’ expectations are also considered and personal Ambassadors’ cards are delivered for the Ambassadors. During the later meetings the Ambassadors are to be provided with the relevant information and the activities performed by the Ambassadors and the results of the activities are discussed.

 Benefits for the Ambassador:

  • Development of leadership, organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Possibility to travel to other countries to take part in higher education fairs when it is possible to combine with studies at LSMU.
  • Earning of volunteer hours and Letters of Recommendation.

 Trainings for the Ambassador:

Trainings in public speaking, persuasive communication and other topics relevant to the Ambassador’s functions are organized according to the demand. Ambassadors’ trainings guidelines are prepared for each subsequent year by the end of January along with the indication of the required resources.

 The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Ambassador’s selection procedure:

  • The Ambassador is selected for 1-2 study years. The period of the Ambassador’s participation in the LSMU Ambassador Programme is determined according to the candidates’ motivation and possibilities.
  • Selection is carried out in accordance with the demand.
  • The information about the Ambassadors’ selection is spread by sending e-mails to the international students and with the help of Kaunas International Medical Students Union.
  • The selection is carried out by the LSMU TRSC staff.
  • The candidates have to present their motivational letters describing briefly how they imagine performing the Ambassador’s activity and the selected candidates are invited for an interview.
  • The main criteria for the candidates:
        2nd or upper year international students of Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Odontology, Faculty of Pharmacy or Faculty of Veterinary Medicine;
        Good academic achievements;
        Proper communication skills, friendliness and enthusiasm;
        Ability to perform the Ambassador’s functions.