Entrance Exam

Examination Procedure
Entrance examination is being held during the application period, i.e., from 2 January till 1 July. The examination could be held in Kaunas, Lithuania, or any other city worldwide (subject to formation of applicant group). The qualified applicants will be invited to the entrance examination by an admission officer (LSMU) or an official University’s representative outside Lithuania. 

The examination session outside Lithuania is being arranged under the following plan:

Meeting of students and parents. Introduction (15 minutes)
Entrance exam for students - biology/chemistry 60 questions (1 hour 30 minutes)
Break for short relax (15 minutes)
English language test (40 minutes)
Break for short relax/lunch (30 minutes)
Presentation of LSMU (30 minutes)
Interview/motivation (10 minutes for each applicant)

Structure of the Entrance Exam
The exam consists of multiple-choice tests (MCQ) in Biology and Chemistry based on the high school educational programme and is given in English. For Health Psychology programme - Mathematics and Biology exam. The structure of MCQ is similar to those provided by SAT II. The questions are distributed as follows:


Subject Number of questions 
Biology (cell structure and function, genetics, human anatomy and physiology)  30
Chemistry (organic chemistry, solutions, chemical equilibrium)
(For Psychology programme - Mathematics)
Total number of questions   60


Entrance Examination Test Example 1, 2018
Entrance Examination Test Example 2, 2019

Topics for the Entrance Exam

Recommended Text Books for the Entrance Examination Test

If an applicant provides the Score Reports on SAT Subject Tests for Chemistry and Biology (a score of 550 and more), he/she will not be required to sit the entrance test given by the University. The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is registered at the College Board (applied code – 7210).   

If an applicant is not able to present a certificate proving the knowledge of English language (TOEFL, IELTS, B2 Level ‘Independent user‘ by CEFR or adequate), he/she shall sit the English language test, prepared by the University.

Test of English language
If an applicant is not able to present a certificate proving the knowledge of the English language, he/she shall sit for the English language examination.