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Support for using IT tools

University IT team puts all their efforts to assure that your work and learning process is smooth during quarantine period. Therefore, your attention is required to following:

  • All university IT platforms and manuals can be reached by following link.
  • Ofice365 platform has an excellent collaboration tool Microsoft Teams. Wish to start – follow this link for brief manual.
  • Moodle platform will be used as a main tool in distance studies during quarantine period. Follow this link for a brief student manual.
  • University IT team is ready to support you. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact LSMU Information Systems department.

Self-isolation rules

Recommendations for prevention



Students are suggested using e-resources for their learning needs. Follow to video-manual.

Remote access to external resources under full LSMU user’s rights is possible via EzProxy or VPN protocols. More information on these services and manuals can be found here.

Following automatic reminders, students are welcomed to extend loaned book return terms in the virtual library or in the electronic catalogue. Follow to video-manual.


When will Lithuania’s Embassies and Visa Centers be open?

Currently it depends on the epidemiological situation of the country where the embassy and/or visa center is located. Since the situation is constantly changing, we recommend to keep track of the list of safe countries. The list is being announced by URM (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Latest data:

  • Visa centers are closed in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Uzbekistan.
  • Belarus: 2 out of 6 visa centers are open: Minsk and Gardin
  • Egypt: A visa center is open for a limited number of visitors.
  • India: Visa centers are closed except for the one in Deli open for a limited number of visitors. Lithuanian embassy will open in the nearest future for a limited number of visitors.
  • United Arab Emirates: A visa center will open up on 15 August in Abu Dhabi.
  • China: A visa center is closed. The embassy is open for visitors. Restrictions may apply.
  • South Africa: A visa center is closed. The embassy is open for the residents only.
  • Russia: visa centers are open in Moscow and Kaliningrad. A visa center in St. Petersburgh will open up at the end of July.
  • Turkey: A visa center is open; 2 consuls are working.
  • Ukraine: all 17 visa centers are open for a limited number of visitors.
  • Japan: A visa center will be open on 27 July.
  • USA: The consulate in Chicago is closed.

The list of visa centers is announced here:

I have a Schengen visa. Am I allowed to come to Lithuania?

Schengen visa is for short stays only. A national visa D is required for studying in Lithuania.

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Do I need a Covid-free health certificate?

Foreigners arriving from countries included in the list of countries affected by the coronavirus are required, within 24 hours, to contact the Hotline 1808 or any testing station in order to be tested for the coronavirus.

If I have more questions about the migration?

University – email & milda.mankeleviciene or call +370 652 90747; +370 67180131;

Migration department - or call +370 707 67000.

Can I use public transportation?

Please note that those who need self-isolation cannot use public transportation; hence, you will need to book a ride from the airport with private car companies, e.g.,
Bolt Protect (,
City Bee (,
ordinary taxi (

Staff of International office is always ready to help you with all the questions you face.

The University offers you psychological counselling.


Rūta ruta.lingyte or Jevgenij jevgenij.razgulin, +37064625592.

Don’t forget:

The universities are responsible for 14-days self-isolation of the student. Violation or non-compliance with self-isolation shall be subject to criminal liability.