COVID-19 related information

Latest updates

Weekly update to international students preparing their travel plans back to regular studies.

WHO portal: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic

Portal Corona STOP established by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania presents all actual information relevant to COVID-19 in Lithuania.

Notification by the Migration Department on Legal status of foreign nationals in the Republic of Lithuania during the quarantine period [Announced 24th of March, 2020, actual]

Information for students

Support for using IT tools

University IT team puts all their efforts to assure that your work and learning process is smooth during quarantine period. Therefore, your attention is required to following:

  • All university IT platforms and manuals can be reached by following link.
  • Ofice365 platform has an excellent collaboration tool Microsoft Teams. Wish to start – follow this link for brief manual.
  • Moodle platform will be used as a main tool in distance studies during quarantine period. Follow this link for a brief student manual.
  • Information on distance studies (begins on 30th of March) can be found following this link.
  • University IT team is ready to support you. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact LSMU Information Systems department.

Self-isolation rules

Recommendations for prevention


Due to prevention of risk of COVID-19 spread, all public  events at the university have been cancelled since March 13 and for a period of quarantine.


Library will not accept visitors during quarantine period and overdue fees on late books will not be charged. Students are suggested using e-resources for their learning needs. Follow to video-manual.

Remote access to external resources under full LSMU user’s rights is possible via EzProxy or VPN protocols. More information on these services and manuals can be found here.

Following automatic reminders, students are welcomed to extend loaned book return terms in the virtual library or in the electronic catalogue. Follow to video-manual.


 Temporary Termination of Study Process due to Coronavirus

1. Can I go home?

Yes, you can. But, first, check your mailbox for further announcements and follow the information on the LSMU website and international students’ FB group.

2. Will my home country allow me to enter the country?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question. We can only advise you to contact the nearest embassy of your home country. They will provide you with competent answers.

3. Shall I stay in quarantine after I return to Lithuania?

There is no answer at the moment. For sure, you must follow the requirements listed by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania that will be actual on the day of the return. The University will keep updating the latest requirements.

4. If I decide to leave now, can I come back to Lithuania before March 30th?

It depends on many things. Probably no, because of the quarantine in Lithuania till 30 March. Moreover, it also depends on restrictions of your home country.

5. What form will the studies take place during this period?

The studies will not take place from the 13th till the 27th March, neither in class nor remotely.

6. How will the studies take place after 03.27?

We shall inform you before 03.27 regarding holidays, further studies, and practical work.

7. Will the scheduled exams take place during the quarantine (March 13 – 27)?

No, the exams shall not be held on these days.

8. Do you know how long the University will be closed?

The study process at the University has been stopped till 27th March. We will keep you updated; please follow the information on the LSMU website.

9. Should I decide to go home, and in case I am not able to travel back to Lithuania when the University reopens, can I study based on a distance learning curriculum?

Yes, online courses will be planned in case of prolonged and/or increased risk of COVID19.

10. Do I have to pay for the spring semester?

Yes, you have to pay for the spring semester. If you face some difficulties and can not pay on time or all amount with one payment, please submit a request "regarding postponement of tuition fee" or "regarding paying tuition fee in parts".

11. What will happen with the entrance exams?

At the moment we have postponed all LSMU entrance exams until May. As soon as we get any new information, we will announce it in our website