Outcome of successful cooperation – the second scientific-practical conference in Kazakhstan

On 24-26 September, the scientific-practical conference ‘Innovations in the Treatment of Heart Failure and Coronary Artery Disease’ organized jointly with the Kazakhstan National Scientific Medical Center following the initiative of the head of the Clinic of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Prof. Rimantas Benetis, was held in Astana (Kazakhstan).

Numerous participants were welcomed by Erik Baizhunusov, the director of the Institute of Development of Health Protection in Kazakhstan under the Ministry of Social Protection and Social Development. Prof. Žilvinas Padaiga, the dean of the International Relations and Studies Centre, presented the suggested studies and internships at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences during the conference. The conference was moderated and the lectures were given by Professor Rimantas Benetis.

The conference was designed for cardiologists, anesthesiologists-reanimatologists, cardiac surgeons, specialists in diagnostic cardiac sonography and cardiac surgery. The following persons delivered the presentations during the conference and practical courses: Prof. Eglė Ereminienė, Prof. Edmundas Širvinskas, Assoc. Prof. Aras Puodžiukynas, Assoc. Prof. Olivija Gustienė and Dr. Loreta Jankauskienė. During the practical courses, the works were performed in the sections of the departments of anesthesiology, ultrasonic diagnostics, and cardiac surgery. Surgeries were done by Prof. Rimantas Benetis and Prof. Prakash Punjabi, a well-known cardiac surgeon from the United Kingdom. The live broadcasting from the operating theaters was carried out in the section of cardiac surgery.

The already second conference that had been planned long and consistently led to good results. More than 150 participants took part in this event. The amount of participants was distributed evenly in the sections of practical courses. The team of the International Relations and Studies Centre – Prof. Žilvinas Padaiga, Gintarė Diliūnienė and Evelina Mačiulskienė – was directly responsible for the organization of the conference.